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Newly Opened Laundrettes

Speed Queen is the profit maker. We are the only manufacturer to offer fully integrated networkable computer controls across the whole range through our exclusive Quantum networkable control available at no additional cost on all our models including - top load washers, front load washers, small dryers, large tumble dryers and all stack units.

Recently we have installed a new laundrette ... In Nicholson Street Carlton

Carlton 2

 Coin Operated Models

With the advent of Smart Card, Tap & Go, Mag Stripe vending our corporate clients are moving to Cashless Business models. Three way (Tap & Go, EMV chip and Magstripe) transactions on each washer and dryer while respecting security standards and improving customer interactivity. With this no CVM
(Cardholder Verification Method) solution, transactions are simpler and faster.

Having the appeal of convenience for customers, and flexibility to vend each unit without the need to clear coin boxes.

Powder 1


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