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Card Activation



  • Generate immediate sales upli­ft
  • Suitable for domestic and foreign customers
  • Increase spending per consumer as they are not handling ‘real’ coins or notes
  • Identify faulty machines or terminals quickly and centrally to maximize uptime and revenue
  • Set-up purchase incentives (e.g. discounts based on multiple purchases)
  • Improve pricing flexibility by allowing price adjustment to the cent. No more whole dollar increases so your customers will not notice small price rises.

Increased Security

With no cash present in the machine (or your store) there is just about no reason for anyone to try to break in to a machine. Therefore this reduces or eliminates repair costs that result from break-ins. Additionally, with no cash on site there is no reason for anyone to break into your building, minimising your requirement for expensive camera surveillance and security monitoring; not to mention your time worrying about the safety of your business!

Reduced Maintenance Costs

  • No user issues related incorrect, damaged or foreign coins that can jam up traditional coin drops
  • No more coin 'cheating' that results in damage toy our coin drops
  • No more worn out keys or locks to maintain
  • No moving parts so there is nothing to wear out or get damaged by users
    Iself Series For Vending Market

Optimise payment costs

  • Lower cashless costs per transaction than other providers
  • Decrease cash management costs: direct (handling) and indirect (customer or staff theft, security, vandalism)
  • Increase consumer spending knowledge through customized reports: consumer nationality, multi-purchase, average ticket, location, date and time purchase
  • Build targeted marketing programs and incentives
  • Leverage easily centralised cashless infrastructure to include loyalty programs

Contactless, NFC Payment

  • The contactless device enables all contactless payments such as MasterCard, PayPass™ and Visa PayWave™ certified and supports all EMV contactless cards in accordance with international regulations
  • Highly Ruggedized
  • Thanks to its robust design it stands up to the most demanding indoor and outdoor environments and a wide variety of adverse environmental conditions. Contactless device components are proofed against vandalism (IK10), IP65 and extreme weather.
  • Highest Security Levels
  • Meets the highest and latest hardware and soft­ware mandatory security requirements. No moving parts.
  • Up to date technology
  • Powered by Telium2 Technology is the result of 30 years’ experience in the payment industry. Secure, highly integrated and fast, Telium is the world’s best platform to provide payment services. It provides a fully scalable, reliable operating system embedded into the 20 million terminals deployed worldwide.
  • Future-proof with easy remote application updates

All Payment Options

Three way (Tap & Go, EMV chip and Magstripe) transactions on each washer and dryer while respecting security standards and improving customer interactivity. With this no CVM (Cardholder Verification Method) solution, transactions are simpler and faster.

User friendly

  • The terminal provides a simple and easy to use customer interface with brightly coloured backlit displays, LEDs and customisable messaging making their use a pleasurable experience
  • Transflective technology enables it to work in any lighting condition
  • Flexible Communication and Connectivity
  • The card unit provides integrated connectivity and service telemetry with connection options of Ethernet or standalone GPRS, covering all site and location requirements
  • Eco friendly
  • Stand-by mode guarantees optimal energy efficiency

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