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 • How to start a laundry business

We give life to your project: we are with you from the original business idea to the store opening. Speed Queen’s experts help you with the location analysis and site selection, facility design and equipment selection, and also with the whole laundromat business plan. If necessary, you can work with Macquarie Equipment financial services as they can offer industry-leading, laundry-focused financing.

Note: Of course, we also take care of your laundry machines!

The Speed Queen laundry concept is a proven business model and is more than just a laundromat franchise, it is a true partnership. There is no business like a laundromat business.

Making a successfull business can require strict Planning and we at Speed Queen Equiment Sales have the heritage and expertise for you. Our founder started the first Coin Laundry in Melbourne 1962.

Speed Queen is the profit maker. We are the only manufacturer to offer fully integrated networkable computer controls across the whole range through our exclusive Quantum networkable control available at no additional cost on all our VENDED models including - top load washers, front load washers, small dryers, large tumble dryers and all stack units.

The Speed Queen Quantum control system allows the multi-coin drop acceptor to take 20 cent, $1.00 and $2.00 coins through one single slot. It may also be integrated with smart-card systems. These easy to use controls allow the owner to make pricing and programming changes, as well as data retrieval, quickly and simply. Now you can have complete control over your business 24/7 from anywhere around the world! The Quantum control features digital displays that tell customers everything they need to know about the status of their load at a glance, and for you the owner there is a full suite of live and interactive reporting tools to help you manage your laundry site. The end result is an increase in customer usage and satisfaction, control over operating costs, maximin return on investment all of which translates directly to increased profits.

To invest in a laundromat with Speed Queen

is to make the choice of profitability, efficiency and simplicity.



Low investment, high success rate, fast return on investment: the laundromat is a unique business opportunity. Not to mention that washing clothes is a basic need: "Times might have changed. Dirt hasn’t." And so it makes the self-service laundry a recession-resistant investment.



Speed Queen, the renowned proven performer and world laundromat leader, shares its expertise in both the selection and design of equipment for your laundry business. Speed Queen works out with you the opening of your laundromat: our team of experts advises and supports you during all the process.



No qualification is required: opening a laundromat is accessible to everyone. Daily management is also really simple: very little or no personnel costs. Speed Queen's complete coin store solution and advanced technology allows you to control the machines and payment terminals remotely.

How to open a self service laundromat

Speed Queen Laundry concept is an excellent alternative to franchise, and is developing all around Australia. We have already set up launderettes in the most cities: We are now looking to expand and open more laundromats in South Australia, Tasmania and the growth corridors in Suburban Melbourne..Would you like to open a self service laundry in your preferred city? Contact us now to  discuss your project.

Several factors must be taken into account when opening a self service laundromat.



Opening a Speed ​​Queen self service laundromat does not require any specific skill. No diploma or special training is required. It is therefore a concept accessible to all! Better still: in a self service laundromat, it is the customers and the machines that do the work. Not you! So no need for any on-site presence. This is what makes the self service laundromat perfect as a second job: you do not have to leave your job to get ahead in this activity.

Note: you can manage several self service laundromats at the same time since managing one takes up very little time each week.

Project Location


The hardest part is not knowing how to open a laundromat but deciding where to open it. Because the choice of location is a strategic question. The estimated turnover of a self service laundromat is calculated according to the demographic data and the characteristics of the targeted area.

Note: our experts have demographic information and will analyze it with you to select the most appropriate location for your Speed ​​Queen self service laundromat.

Equipment quality

Equipment quality

Of course, the equipment in your laundromat needs to be up to the expectations of your customers. It must also be reliable and durable to reduce maintenance and renewal costs. When you open a Speed Queen self service laundry, you deal directly with an expert brand which has been manufacturing top of the range machines for more than a century. Robust, proven, equipped with cutting-edge technology, Speed Queen professional washing machines guarantee you unparalleled quality.

Note: thanks to its complete, near-to-hand, operational assistance, Speed Queen also provides optimal support and maintenance service.

Start-up costs

Start-up costs

As with any business, opening a self-service laundry involves some initial costs. These costs vary, depending on the size of the self service laundromat, its location, and the number of machines or ancillary services.

However, start-up costs can be recovered quickly thanks to the success rate of the sector and its excellent return on investment.

Contact our experts to have your self-service laundry opened in no time.

Contact our office 03 9495 1300 for a starter pack or book a time with our specialist consultant.

Victoria Laundry Investors can consult directly with Alan Betts

E: alan.betts@speedqueensales.com.au
M: 0429 633 470 for a personalised appointment time.

South Aunstralian Laundry Investors can consult directly with Scott Kairl

E: scott@speedqueensales.com.au
M: 0439 788 950 for a personalised appointment time.

Find a Speed Queen Equipped Laundromat by visiting W: www.laundromatlocator.com.au


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