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Newly Opened Laundrettes

Newly opened laundrettes supplied by Speed Queen Equipment Sales

Store upgrades can bring your laundry into the new age, meeting the changing needs of the modern laundromat user. Increasing revenue and controlling elements of cost and maintenance

Cardinia Lakes 

Take a look at the upgrades being undertaken @ Cardinia Lakes and John Street Pakenham Victoria.

The store has the latest in Network Controls, that enables the CASHLESS PAYMENT via Smart Phone APP

Equipment can be managed and payment made via the simple Speed Queen (APP)

 Cardinia Lakes


Speed Queen equipment sales recently supplied vended laundry machines for a smart laundry installation on the Mornington Peninsula in Victoria. 

iSmart Laundrette in Bentons Square Shopping Centre combined the strength of the Speed Queen laundrette equipment with Quantum Gold & Insights Network Controls.

Key functions of the vended laundry equipment included:

  • Coin operated washing machines 
  • Credit card operated laundry machines 
  • Wireless quantum connectivity of all Speed Queen washers & dryers
  • Mobile payment system implementation through the Speed Queen App  

Ismart 1

This modern Laundrette design has commercial Speed Queen washers up to 27kg (6 basket) for large loads of bedding, matched to the 34kg Reverse commercial tumble dryers (see above). They also introduced a smart locker system for client drop off and pick up of the WASH - DRY & FOLD Laundry Service offered. We are excited to have the Next Generation of business solutions for Vended Laundry Equipment on show.    


Ismart 4

We are excited to have the Next Generation of laundry solutions for Vended Laundry Operators on show.
Shop 2 - 210 Dunns Road Mornington 3931.


The latest Coin operated laundry sites across Victoria

New speed queen coin laundry sites are opening across Victoria regularly. We were excited to be involved in supplying a range of coin operated washing machines for some of the finest laundry designs we have seen.

We recently supplied a range of Speed Queen Equipment in the Northern Suburbs at the new Aurora Village Laundromat. Situated in a rapidly growing area @ Shop #2/299 Harvest Home Rd, Epping VIC 3076. Featuring the latest commercial laundry equipment supplied by Speed Queen Sales. This included large commercial washers and dryers ideal for those ‘big family loads’


Aurora Main Laundry


We also supplied a range of commercial laundry equipment  at 495a Highett Road Highett. Drop by to see one of the finest laundry designs south of the Yarra River.



Key functions of a modern Laundromat Solution  include:

  • Coin operated washers on selected units
  • Card operated laundry systems on majority of units
  • Full quantum network connectivity
  • Remote site management - cloud solution
  • Speed Queen App payment system

Remember Speed Queen is the profit maker. We offer fully integrated networkable computer controls across the whole range through our exclusive Quantum networkable control with Wash Alert System is available at no additional cost on all our models including - commercial top load washers top, industrial front load washers, small dryers, large tumble dryers and all stack units.

Our latest upgrade to card operated laundry system 

In 2018 Speed Queen Sales supplied laundry equipment for  a full upgrade in Nicholson Street Carlton. The convenient mix of traditional commercial top load washers to heavy duty industrial washing machines provided a well rounded commercial laundry solution.

Carlton 2

 Coin Operated Models


The Speed Queen option for Cashless operation of a Laundromat is ahead of the Industry.

A combination of Smart Phone APP payments & Payway TAP CARD terminals can be set up compatible with the exclusive Quantum Gold Networking option and Quantum Control equipment.

Contact our team to see what you can do to bring your existing business into the latest solutions.

With the advent of Smart Card, Tap & Go, Mag Stripe vending our corporate clients are moving to Cashless Business models. Three way (Tap & Go, EMV chip and Magstripe) transactions on each washer and dryer while respecting security standards and improving customer interactivity. With this no CVM

(Cardholder Verification Method) solution, transactions are simpler and faster.

Having the appeal of convenience for customers, and flexibility to vend each unit without the need to clear coin boxes.

When Nicholson Street Carlton was upgraded, all the machines have both SQ APP and TAP Card payment.

 DSC 0014

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Speed Queen commercial washing machines and dryers allow you to wash and dry large amounts of laundry at once.

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You can find other services too, in addition to the machines available: Wi-Fi, a play area for children, TV, vending machines with detergents and washing powders … Each laundromat is different and some include some or all of these services. The detailed information on each laundromat also tells you if it incorporates a CCTV system and if there is parking nearby. You can see what forms of payment are accepted (credit card, loyalty card and/or cash payment).

Some tips & tricks for washing clothes

Whether you need to wash a comforter, a pair of shoes or a T-shirt, find the best advice from the global leader in industrial laundering, articles on how to remove the toughest stains, including wine or oil stains, bleaching linen or understanding washing labels.

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Speed Queen has a proud history of building stable - professional businesses.

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