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Coin Operated Quantum Gold

Single Pocket Tumblers

SA030 = 13.6kg (30lb)
SA035 = 15.8kg (35lb)
SA055 = 24.9kg (55lb)
SA075 = 34.0kg (75lb)

The 30, 35 and 55 pound microprocessor control dryers feature:

• Air flow pattern designed to achieve maximum efficiency, as air enters the rim sealed cylinder from the back face and exits through the front lower quarter, ensuring load core drying.
• Gas, steam or electric heated variants.
Extra-large stainless steel doors and heavy-duty hinges ensure these machines will stand up to the repeated use of high-traffic vended laundries. Speed Queen tumble dryers feature an all-belt drive system, which means they’re less noisy and cheaper to maintain. Our fine mesh lint screen is self-cleaning, depositing lint into a large storage area for easy, once-per-day removal. Our patented cylinder design allows drywall screws to pass through oval perforations, preventing damage to the metal surrounding the cylinder.

The 75 pound microprocessor control gas dryer features:

• Gas, steam or electric heated variants
Speed Queen is leading the vended industry by offering ever increasing size options in tumblers
• Attract customers with King size bedding and doonas/duvets
• Take advantage of huge drum volume to reduce wrinkling and creasing of garments.


  • Measurements
  • Dimensions (H x W x D) REFER SPECIFICATIONS
  • Dryer Drum Capacity 217LT / 271LT / 347LT / 491LT / 634LT
  • Dryer Door Opening 576MM / 576MM / 576MM / 683MM / 683MM
  • Operation
  • Drying Cycles 5
  • Cycle Indicator Light yes
  • Dryer Energy Use
  • Gas Consumption (Megajoules) 67.5 / 77 / 95 / 107.6 / 174.1
  • Electric Heating 12KW / 21KW / 24KW / 27KW / 30KW
  • Agency Approvals
  • Australian Gas Approval Yes
  • Features
  • LP Conversion Kit Yes, also available in electric & steam heat