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Laundromat & Laundry Design & Planning

Streamlining Laundry Space Design with Speed Queen

At Speed Queen, we bring decades of expertise to the table when it comes to commercial laundry solutions. Throughout our history, we’ve been instrumental in assisting numerous new-build and renovation projects in crafting the ideal laundry environment—balancing both functionality and aesthetics. With a focus on efficiency and design, we provide architects and designers with a suite of dedicated tools to create effective commercial laundry systems.

Access to Comprehensive Design Specifications and Resources

Our laundry experts have meticulously compiled a comprehensive set of resources tailored to the needs of architects and designers. Each commercial machine in our range comes with detailed specifications, including size, weight, inlet piping size, power requirements, and more. We go beyond mere specifications by offering valuable resources to simplify your workload, such as the creation of floorplans, 2D or 3D technical drawings, and installation plans, freeing up your time for other design aspects.

A Team of Seasoned Experts at Your Service

The intricacies of laundry system design, from ducting to water and drainage considerations, can be daunting. That’s why we’ve assembled a team of seasoned experts who stand ready to address your questions and provide layout advice. Our laundry experts boast years of experience, ensuring that when you choose Speed Queen, you benefit from their wealth of knowledge. We understand both the practical aspects and the necessary compliance with legal standards, ensuring your project’s success.

Uninterrupted Supply – Product, Service, and Parts

With Speed Queen, you can design with confidence, knowing that your creation will endure the test of time. Our unparalleled durability and robust warranties guarantee longevity and client satisfaction. By selecting Speed Queen’s commercial machines, you’re offering your clients unmatched peace of mind. Having been in the industry for over a century, we are committed to delivering the finest commercial laundry machines for generations to come.

A Trusted Legacy Brand

Speed Queen is a cornerstone of the commercial laundry industry, with a team of experts boasting decades of experience. Our commercial machines set the gold standard, offering exceptional ROI compared to alternatives, thanks to their efficient cycles and reduced maintenance requirements. We are renowned for delivering excellent service and durability, providing your clients with the assurance that their investment is both wise and enduring.

Choose Speed Queen, where experience, innovation, and trust converge to simplify and elevate your commercial laundry space design projects.

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Good Design is at the heart of the Speed Queen Laundry Solution, so we work closely with Architects and Designers at all stages of projects.
This ensures optimal selection of the equipment, assistance in design elements, utility management, and regulations.
Ask for our experienced team to supply a product and performance folio for your client offering.

We have our own C.A.D. design team that can help develop laundry plans for all requirements. De mountable, Aged Care, 5 Star Hotels, Correction facilities and best practice Coin Laundrettes to name a few.

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Connectivity and user interface is at forefront of modern life, and our technologically advanced Speed Queen Microprocessor System offers programmable flexibility, Quantum network compatibility, for revenue and utility management from a desk top.

Using Speed Queen Insights PRO



Establishing an efficient and effective Laundry Business takes precise planning and design:

Optimising Space

Work Flow

Storage and Access

Utility Set up and running costs

Trade Waste management

Our fully trained Speed Queen Consultants can work with your design team, project management and builders to fulfill the optimal requirement in Laundry Operation.

Each project will have a dedicated consultant to work with your team from start to finish, supporting you with design and technical advise on the range of Speed Queen Equipment.