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We are a family owned commercial laundry equipment supplier, dedicated to helping you meet your required laundry solutions.

If you are looking for high performance laundromat equipment that will go the distance, Speed Queen washing machines are world renowned for being laundry systems you can count on. As specialist laundry equipment suppliers our team are here to support requirements for full scale commercial laundromat equipment fit outs to smaller commercial washer & dryer requirements.

About Us

Speed Queen Equipment Sales is the current evolution of the busines begun in 1962 as a family owned company that has proudly operated for over 60 years.
In fact, the businesses founder David Cameron established Australia’s very first self-serve coin-operated Laundrette in Melbourne in 1962.
Since then we have grown to become the country’s most trusted name in commercial laundry equipment.

Through our exclusive direct access to superior quality commercial laundry equipment such as Speed Queen and Unimac we now service all areas of the commercial laundry sector, including institutional, aged and healthcare, hospitality, government departments, hospitals, defence force facilities, sports clubs and resorts – in fact any situation that requires a high performance, heavy duty, reliable and cost effective laundry solution.


And now we are also able to offer our commercial quality washers and dryers for use in your home. Through our extensive national retailer network you have access to our rugged reliable long life products at home anywhere in Australia.

Go to www.speedqueen.com.au for full information including our store locator for were to purchase.


In addition, we offer complete before and after sales service including complimentary planning and design, financing options, installation and a reliable and economic repair service. All of our machines are backed by industry leading warranties and we stock the complete range of spare parts for all models.


If capital expenditure restrictions limit your ability to purchase new equipment, you may apply for our Rental Program (subject to conditions) a minimum of 36 month term on Compact Models and 60 month on Industrial units applies. Contact our rental consultant directly to check if terms and conditions.



Not much! Our Speed Queen domestic appliance range is built to the same high standards in durability and performance as our commercial units. Life tests of 10,400 cycles are at the heart of the design of this range. So you are purchasing a truly commercial quality machine for domestic use. The current “A” series units are available from Retail Agents across the country.

The difference in the warranty is: Domestic unit is for Family Household use and attracts a 5-year Parts and Labour warranty, And the Commercial or Business use warranty is 1 year Labour and 3 year manufacturer parts warranty. (please refer to your product warranty guide on our website) T&C Apply.

Yes as part of your discussion with our consultant, once we form a business relationship we will assist in site selection, equipment planning, demographic analysis and yes laundry design and utility supply lists. Call for an appointment. 03 9495 1300

The Speed Queen design has an intensive wash within the inner tub, so we suggest you begin by reducing the detergent amount from your previous machine. Buy trialing the results in the initial wash cycles you can ensure best results and save on detergent costs over the life of your unit. Remember to spot treat stains and not use extra detergent if possible. The wash water is concentrated into the wash zone due to reduced sump size and gap between inner and outer tubs. Designed for Long Lasting – deep washing.

Yes, the dryer is designed to move a lot of heated air across your garments, and to do this the high powered blower requires good airflow in (Make Up Air) and the 100 mm round exhaust duct ensures it flows unobstructed away from the dryer – carrying moisture to the outside air. The results are fast drying – cleaner laundry and lower energy costs.

Our spares dept have limited components in stock, but a quality Plumbing Supply or Hardware Store will often stock the round duct sections – elbows or flexible kits (deflecto brand). Please refer to the installation guide for all the directions.

It is recommended that depending on the usage of your washer that a regular clean will get you the best results. Keep in mind your clothes carry the dirt and grim into the machine, and some may build up over time in places you can’t see (between both bowls). If you regularly use Fabric Softener this can accelerate the build up of grim (the chemical reaction between detergent – soiling and fabric softener means that clumps can form in any washing machine) Using liquid detergent is not mandatory but liquid disperses in the wash with less waste, were as powder needs to desolve and using even a small extra amount can build up inside the machine. CLEAN YOUR MACHINE – it is recommended to clean with either Bicarb Soda concentrate in a high hot wash (or White Vinegar) Start the cycle until it fills an agitates to mix around, either pause or open the lid to allow to soak for an hour or so(over night if you haven’t done it for a while) For a top load unit it helps to shake the full wash tub by grabbing the agitator and gently rocking it side to side) Restart the cycle and let it pump out. You may need to repeat if you still see a build up inside. Wipe out all the accessible surfaces and you will have a fresher wash. Supermarkets have machine cleaning products – follow the instructions.


We understand that capital acquisitions of this nature can pose a financial challenge to any business, so to assist our customers to purchase our quality products,

You may find a flexible finance packages can be tailored over varying periods and repayment terms to best suit your requirements. Please ensure you seek your own financial advise before securing an agreement.

Equipment rental – Chattel Mortgage or Novated Lease are the most common and tax effective ways to expand your business. Our consultants can direct you to a variety of local finance providers with experience in financing and asset management solutions for enterprises, technology manufacturers and suppliers worldwide. They serve the needs of major multinational organisations as well as small and mid-sized businesses.

Contact us for a discussion about finance for individual machines or complete laundries, or to arrange an inspection of your site.

We can direct you towards a wide range of finance products and can finance all types of equipment, both personal and commercial, including: FINANCE @ WORK

Contact our senior consultant Alan Betts for further details and a plan to suit your needs. Office and ask for Alan


Over 60 Years Experience

Our team are experts backed with over half a century of firsthand experience in providing commercial laundry equipment solutions for laundromats across Australia. 

Quality Laundry Equipment

We pride ourselves on providing the best high performance laundromat equipment from a world renowned brand. Speed Queen washing equipment is highly reliable making it ideal for laundromats, communal areas & on premise laundries.

Support You Can Count On

Our friendly team of laundry equipment specialists offer a complete range of before & after sales service support. From laundromat design & installation through to ongoing laundry equipment repair our team is here to support you.