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Caravan parks and accommodation industry

Speed Queen delivers the results for all Holiday Makers, Park Operators and staff.
From the simplest coin slide Top Load to our exclusive Quantum Gold Networkable Control.
We also have all the sizes to match your in House Laundry Requirements.


Technology is here for delivering an end to end solution for Large Parks and Resort Laundries.
Speed Queens Quantum Gold Series units can now be refitted with a total Cloud Based Network solution.

The Speed Queen Insights upgrade features the full suit of Management software,
Reports – alerts – price alterations – start machine,
as well as the option for our Insights System
Customer Smart Phone APP
Cashless payment system


The Speed Queen Quantum control system is a the heart of our Vended Equipment Range.
It allows the multi-coin drop acceptor to take 20 cent, $1.00 and $2.00 coins through one single slot.
It can also be integrated with our Card Activation System.

These easy to use controls allow the owner to make seasonal pricing and programming changes, as well as data retrieval (Audits), quickly and simply. Now you can have complete control over your business 24/7 from anywhere around the world! The Quantum control features digital displays that tell customers everything they need to know about the status of their load at a glance, and for you the owner there is a full suite of live and interactive reporting tools to help you manage your laundry site. The end result is an increase in customer usage and satisfaction, control over operating costs, maximin return on investment all of which translates directly to increased profits.

To achieve this we are the only manufacturer to offer fully integrated networkable computer controls across the whole range through our exclusive Quantum networkable control available on all our models including – top load washers, front load washers, small dryers, large tumble dryers and all stack units. (Terms and conditions apply)