Speed Queen continues the tradition of the true commercial heavy duty Manual Control 8kg Speed Queen top loader washer.

With the latest selection dial and start switch this traditional style machine delivery wash after wash and day after day.

With the modern energy and water saving design, this hard working unit reduces water consumption by focusing the water into the wash zone and limiting any sump space between the 2 tubs. This Speed Queen top loader washing machine model also features many of the same rugged, reliable parts founds in the coin operated machines, so they’re built to last.

Look no further than Speed Queen for commercial top loader washers and washing machines, designed specifically for use in apartment buildings, residence halls, hotels and motels, campgrounds, retirement homes and the like. The Speed Queen top loader washing machine range is the class leading, proven solution.

Speed Queen delivers more than just clean results, with features designed to extend linen life, reduce water usage and utility costs and maximise productivity. Our heavy-duty construction provides reliable operation and guarantees your washer will be in service for years to come.


  • Extra large capacity stainless steel 304 grade wash tub keeps clothes looking their best
  • Advanced suspension system reduces the possibility of an unbalanced load
  • Commercial quality transmission offers highest reliability and durability
  • 1/2 Horse Power double wound motor – with 2 speeds
  • Convenient Fabric Softener Cup and Bleach Dispenser
  • Multi-cycle controls provide washing options to fit your laundry needs
  • Large lid opening for easy loading
  • The safety lid open spin brake – NO LID LOCK DEVICE –
  • Stable 6 spring base suspension – reduces out of balance cycles
  • Self Leveling rear feet.