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When it comes to quality and service our experienced consultants and support team will work closely with the individual needs of your business.

From large hotels with an in-house laundry to a motel with coin operated washers for guests, we have a range of options to fulfil your needs. 

We offer onsite evaluation to include maximising the through put of your laundry, optimising not just the labour hours, but chemicals and utility costs.

Keeping in mind while it’s easy to rank size as the biggest consideration for hotel and motel laundries, managers must be careful not to oversize.
As laundry rarely comes in all at once, several smaller washer-extractors may make more sense than a couple larger units.
Managers also must consider the variety of items to be washed. Washer-extractors and drying tumblers should offer the operation a high degree of flexibility to accommodate this variety. This allows for more tailored cycles to extend linen life. High-thread count linens,
Restaurant Linen, as well as decorative elements included in redesigned beds pose individual challenges, this further reinforces the need for cycle programmability. 

Towels will be the major laundry component, and even more so if your facility has either a pool, gym, spa or salon. We have solutions from our 10kg series upwards.

Your clients will remember the feel of their towel and linen well past the time of their stay with you.


Hard Mount washer-extractors (from 9kg up to 45kg loads) are the standard in industries such as hotels, healthcare facilities, and other typically ground-floor laundries. These units are secured to the concrete floor, cost significantly less than their Soft Mounted counterparts and have a proven record of reliability with superior wash results.

Speed Queen delivers more than just clean results, with features designed to extend linen life, reduce water usage, and reduce utility costs, and maximize productivity.
Our heavy-duty construction provides reliable operation and guarantees your washer-extractor will be in service for years to come, while our High G-Force extraction removes more water from each load, reducing energy cost, shortening drying times, thus increasing through put.

Speed Queen Equipment Sales can offer full maintenance and service programs, tailored to your business needs.
Prevent downtime and lost productivity by calling for a no obligation evaluation.