Speed Queen coin operated Quantum Gold washing machine operates with the cutting-edge Quantum control system. Horizon Front Load Commercial Washer combines equipment controls and programming into one full-store management system.

Speed queen’s industrial washing machine revolutionary technology will give you the freedom and the power to achieve unprecedented levels of profitability. Speed Queen commercial laundry equipment gives you the luxury of operating your business on your terms.
Speed Queen Horizon Front Load commercial washer gives you more control with added cycles, automatic shutdown, price modifiers, wireless networking and more.

Quantum controls commercial laundromat machines will help you adjust your cost structure, reduce your utility costs, increase your revenue and ultimately maximise your profitability.

This coin operated washing machine is Network capable and will enable you to enjoy the benefits of a fully networked environment.

Speed Queen Coin Operated Quantum Gold washer has the following features:

  • Low water consumption of only 44.3 litres per wash, with full wash completed in 30 minutes

  • Energy saving ‘High Speed Extract’ spin cycle of 1,200 RPM producing G-forces of 440 for greater water removal, resulting in reduced drying times and associated energy savings

  • Soft mount machine, simply easy installation, requires no bolting down

  • Extra wide door opening of 180 degrees

For optimal installation in Vended Laundromat’s this front load model is commonly installed on the 15cm steel plinth base. (BASE H6) as seen on the left (below)

For securinty the unit has 2 structural bolt connections at the front and can also be dyna bolted to the floor or bases can be bolted together as needed. Check with your consultant for details.