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On Premise Laundry Industrial Washer-Extractor 78 kg

SB265   =   29kg (265Lt)
SB332   =   37kg (332Lt)
SB442   =   49kg (442Lt)
SB663   =   74kg (663Lt)
SB700   =   78kg (700Lt)
SB900   = 100kg (900Lt)
SB1100 = 122kg (1100Lt)
SB1400 = 156kg (1400Lt)
SB1800 = 200kg (1800Lt)

The ‘barrier’ concept is proving more and more popular in the Healthcare sector and we can guide you on either creating the optimum laundry layout from the beginning or help you upgrade your existing laundry. The process is focused on preventing contact between clean, disinfected laundry and soiled, contaminated linen.

As you know, Hospitals and other Healthcare environments need to take preventive measures in order to avoid microbiological contamination, also referred to as ‘hospital acquired infections’, in the laundry process.

The contamination/re contamination risks that apply to linen can be eliminated using the hygienic ‘barrier’ concept in accordance with EN14065 (ISO Norm) that focuses specifically on laundry-processed textiles and the bio contamination control system.

The Speed Queen SB-range of soft-mount barrier washer-extractors offers a solution to the threat of HAI as it considerably reduces the risk of re contamination or cross contamination thanks to its ‘dual door’ design. The barrier washer-extractors are built ‘into’ a physical wall separating the loading and unloading side. This set-up promotes greater hygiene as it ensures there is no contact between clean, disinfected laundry and soiled, contaminated linen.

Sensors ensure that the door on the contaminated side remains locked while the door on the cleanroom side is open, and vice versa. The aim being to help you eradicate 99.999% of bacteria, viruses and superbugs including MRSA and C.difficile to better safeguard patient and resident health.

Determining factors in planning include the proposed number of beds or patients, the necessary area, space, equipment, utilities, accessories and auxiliary equipment, and the number of operators you will need.

Our team would be happy to advise you on tailoring the ideal layout and Speed Queen equipment.