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On Premise Laundry Industrial Washer-Extractor 14 kg


Built to Last and Outperform.

Heavy-Duty Design

A heavy-duty frame is equipped with durable bearings that wear less because they’re designed better and more protected against wear and tear.

Advanced Inverter Drive System

Provides smooth, reliable performance and higher extraction speeds while saving you up to 33% on electricity.

High Extraction Speed

New technology on Quantum Gold machines have up to 200 G-Force extraction to remove more water, leading to shorter dry times and lower energy bills.

Sump System Design

Maximizes cleaning power while using 7% less water.

Hard mount washer-extractors are the standard in industries such as hotels, healthcare facilities, and other typically ground-floor laundries. Secured to the concrete floor, they cost significantly less than their soft mounted counterparts and have a proven record of reliability with superior wash results.

Speed Queen delivers more than just clean results, with features designed to extend linen life, reduce water usage, utility costs and maximise productivity. Our heavy-duty construction provides reliable operation and guarantees your washer- extractor will be in service for years to come, while our G-force extraction removes more water from each load, reducing energy costs, shortening drying times and increasing productivity.

Performance and reliability proven to outlast the competition.

A heavy-duty design meets superior machine mechanics to form the industry’s most trusted hard mount washer-extractor.

Capacity: Available in 9-14-18-27-34kg