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OPL Softmount Front Load Washer Extractor 20 kg
SYY180D - 3 phase heating

SYY180D = 20kg (180Lt)
SYY240D = 27kg (240Lt)
SYY280D = 32kg (280Lt)

Soft Mount Washer Extractors offer an alternative for specialised applications, such as second floors, where Hard Mount units aren’t an option. The heavy duty suspension absorbs vibrations without the need for special foundations, and our stainless steel construction prevents the washer finish from corroding with normal use. Our variable speed motor and software allows the machine to handle a wide variety of fabric types, while ensuring superior linen care. Automatic Chemical supply injection reduces detergent waste, saves on labour costs and provides more consistent laundry results. We make no compromises in performance and refuse to be outdone in reliability and efficiency. And our commitment to quality is only matched by our commitment to your success, delivering you the most profitable machines in the industry, bar none.

The practical ingenuity of Speed Queen is evident in every part of the heavy-duty suspension and stainless steel construction; this is laundry for the modern world.

Industry leading manufacturing in the USA and Europe, refined for more than a century and built to last, Speed Queen laundry equipment represents a secure investment for your on-premise laundry facility.