When your business is after customer satisfaction – choose Speed Queen.

Speed Queen Gas Tumble Dryers – Maximise Airflow This Speed Queen Tumbler incorporates the latest technology in controls and connectivity.

It operates as a traditional stand alone Tumble Dryer with Electronic Coin Drop as standard.

The modern Laundromat often requires a Cashless Solution to set your business apart from the others.

By adding the Card Activation

(Credit Card) unit or enhancing the unit with Network control and the Insights Gateway and Insights Pro will put your laundry operation in the palm of your hand 24 / 7.

  • Performance Features:

Large door opening for easy loading and unloading
– extra strong hing and reversible door
• Galvanized drum – oval drum holes preventing damage
from standard drywall screws
• Unique suspension system – at the rear: bearings
– at the front: rubber rollers with bearings
• Large lint filter – easy removal of lint, efficient drying
• Axial airflow
– drum perforations only at the front and back
– maximum airflow, less energy consumption and short drying times
• Average of 40% lower energy input compared with Speed Queen classic tumblers
• Overall utility savings per year are around 5%
• Quantum™ Gold Controls – easy to operate – flexibility of 5 programmable cycles
• Single slot electronic multi denomination coin drop for versatility and accuracy
• Digital display and countdown.

Quantum™ Gold Controls

In addition to its network capabilities and remote off-site management features,
Quantum™ Gold offers additional owner and customer benefits such as PC
programming and machine audit capabilities, as well as time-of-day pricing, a “lucky cycle” for loyal
customers and the ability to interface with the store owner’s payment systems.
Cycle modifier keys create additional profit opportunities for store owners.