Take Control with Speed Queen®

Run your business or laundry room the way you want with Speed Queen® controls. Make it advanced with options like Quantum® controls and Speed Queen Insights that provide adjustable cost structures, programmable shutdown times, service alerts, business data and more.Quantum Touch

• Full color, touch screen display
• User-friendly screen with operating instructions built in
• Flexible pricing
• Time-of-day pricing
• On screen timer
• Break-In Alarm
• Speed Queen Insights Capable

  • Individual Drive Motors

    Superior construction and individual drive motors precisely control cylinder rotation for more efficient operation.

    Ideal Capacity

    2 x 300 lt cylinders, each (30 lb) – 14 kg unit let you maximize dry capacity per square meter of space.

    Innovative Cylinder Design

    Patented oval cylinder perforations prevent small metal objects from passing through and damaging the dryer’s sweep sheets.

    Axial Airflow

    Provides the most concentrated and efficient drying possible to make dry times even faster, while saving you money.

This Speed Queen Tumbler incorporates the latest technology in controls and connectivity.
It operates as a traditional stand alone Tumble Dryer with Electronic Coin Drop as standard.
The modern Laundromat often requires a Cashless Solution to set your business apart from the others.
By adding the Card Activation

(Credit Card) unit or enhancing the unit with Network control and the Insights Gateway and Insights Pro will put your laundry operation in the palm of your hand 24 / 7.

  • The required make-up air opening to the outside for each tumbler (includes both pockets) is:
    SAT30 models (1418 sq. cm) – SAT45 models (1856 sq. cm)


  •  Performance Features: