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Commercial Laundry’s first fully-integrated business management ecosystem for laundromat owners.
Run your laundromat business more efficiently with the easiest to use cloud-based management system Speed Queen Insights.
It is the best-in-class & most flexible interface in the laundromat industry.
From Speed Queen, the only global commercial laundry equipment provider with the knowledge, experience and dedication to offer you a holistic vended laundry solution for your laundromat business.

Insights For Laundromat Efficiency & Profitability

Speed Queen Insights provides you as a laundromat owner with detailed business Metrix.
Performance & customer analytics at your fingertips.

Some of the efficiencies available include:

+ Track All Financial & Operational Laundry Equipment Performance

+ Easily manage your laundry operation with remote machine monitoring & control through the owner’s dashboard.

+ Speed Queen Point of sale System  (POS) for ‘Wash – Dry – Fold’ fully integrates with Speed Queen App for fast payment for Customers. 

+ Track visits, rewards and customer value to leverage

+ Ability to adjust pricing remotely to maximise business profits

+ Mange & Access Multiple laundromat businesses from the one place

+ World class technical support 

Versatile Cashless Laundromat Payment Solution

With the majority of customers opting to use mobile payment options today.
Speed Queen Insights integrates with the Speed Queen App.
Use Speed Queen Rewards to promote your business.
Creating a stronger customer relationships.
Speed Queen Insights also includes:

+ Speed Queen Rewards promote store loyalty for customers more inclined to provide repeat business 

+ Seamless cashless payment through the Speed Queen App

+ Remote access to laundry cycle status from the app

+ Cycle Completion notification to customers to alert when their washing is completed.


Single-source management platform, cloud-based data and analytics for customer machines and locations.

Reliable income, recession proof.

No staff required in a self-service laundromat. Add on potential if offering Wash – Dry – Fold – Service.

Customers pay for services in advance, so you won’t have to worry about unpaid bills.


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