Speed Queen Quantum Gold Stack 9kg Dryers


  • Stacked dryers maximise space utilisation – two machines in one footprint.
  • Durable, easy to use controls for low maintenance costs well suited to high volume multiple operator applications
  • Separate independent coin drop and controls preventing redundancy
  • Super robust steel control console well suited to heavy handed operators
  • 100% front service dryers reduce maintenance time and costs ensuring maximum availability
  • Each dryer section has its own power and exhaust to allow for independent operation
  • Network capable, enjoy the benefits of a fully networked environment
  • Large Dryer Loads are easily handled in this compact commercial unit.
  • ELECTRIC DRYER HEAT  using a 4,000 Watt heater element per dryer for fast, efficient drying (electric)
  • GAS DRYER HEAT using a 27.4 MJ/h Stove Burner for fast, efficient drying (gas).
  • OPTIONS:   Exhaust Outlet location is factory set at rear of dryer section – or for convenience of installation the outlet can be set to left side(Electric Model) or Right Side (Gas & Electric Heat Models)

  • Exhaust Duct components are not supplied with any equipment – as site specific design may be required. Please refer to your local plumbing supply outlet for options.
  • This may allow for a neater location 60 mm from rear wall. Always refer to installation guide and local regulations
  • LPG Heat can be configured prior to supply, or if required contact Spare Parts for the kit. 

  • (Authorised Gas Fitter or Plumber required)