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Speed Queen Sales: Victoria’s Premier Commercial Washing Machine Supplier

Commercial Washing Machine Solutions in Melbourne, Victoria

Located in the heart of Melbourne, Victoria, Speed Queen Sales is the top choice for businesses searching for commercial washing machines. From laundromats to healthcare and to hotels, we have created solutions that optimise efficiency and ensure equipment longevity.

Coin-Operated Commercial Washing Machine

Invest in the convenience of coin-operated washing machines. They suit various businesses and provide an easy revenue stream and impeccable washing results.

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Washing Machines

Card & Cashless Payment Washing Machine 

Modernise your laundry operations with our card and cashless washing machines. Seamless transactions meet superior washing, ensuring satisfied customers every time.

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Payment Washing Machines

Compact Commercial Washing Machine 

Our compact commercial washing machines offer the perfect balance between size and performance for businesses limited in space, never compromising quality.

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Commercial Washing Machines

Types of Commercial Washing Machines

Whether you’re interested in top load or front load commercial washing machines, Speed Queen Sales offers a wide range to suit every business’s unique needs.

Commercial Front Load Washing Machine 

Designed for efficiency, our front load washing machines provide a deeper clean with less water usage. Engineered for businesses that prioritise both quality and eco-friendliness.

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Commercial Top Load Washing Machine 

Traditional in design but modern in functionality, our top load washing machines are perfect for reliable and straightforward operation.

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Industries we supply commercial washing machines in Victoria


From individual storefronts to expansive chains, we fortify laundromats with commercial washing machines that set a new standard for efficiency and dependability.

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Home/ Residential

Enhance household chores with home/residential washing machines that offer commercial-grade efficiency, ideally suited for sizable families or those seeking the durability and power of an industrial machine within the comforts of their home.

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Caravan Parks

Guarantee guests the homely comforts they seek with commercial washing machines that are robust and user-friendly, designed specifically for communal use.

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Meet and exceed guest anticipations by deploying our commercial washing machines, ensuring spotless linens and contributing to an unforgettable guest experience.

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Child Care Centres

Emphasise cleanliness and safety in childcare settings with commercial washing machines designed to manage bulk loads, safeguarding the well-being and health of every child.

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Salon, Spa, and Massage Centres

Commercial washing machines ensure clients are pampered with freshly laundered towels and robes, elevating their overall relaxation and spa experience.

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Aged Care and Healthcare Facilities

Prioritising hygiene, our commercial washing machines are instrumental in aiding care facilities to provide safe and immaculate surroundings for their residents.

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Correctional Facilities

Built to last and perform, our commercial washing machines are created to meet the rigorous requirements and demands of the correctional facility milieu.

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Architects and designers

Partner with us to weave commercial washing machines into innovative designs, ensuring state-of-the-art laundry solutions align seamlessly with your architectural visions.

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Speed Queen Sales in Melbourne, Victoria

Exceptional Performance in Commercial Washing

At Speed Queen Sales, we’re both a supplier and an innovator. Our commitment to excellence has solidified our reputation as Australia’s leading supplier of commercial washing machines. When you partner with us, you’re not just buying commercial washing machine but investing in decades of expertise, innovation, and unwavering commitment to your success.

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Why Choose Speed Queen Sales Commercial Washing Machines?

Speed Queen Sales offers a comprehensive suite of laundry solutions from the very inception of your project to the long-term upkeep of your washing machines. We prioritise the equipment’s quality and the end-to-end experience for our clients.


Our dedicated team can always assist, providing unparalleled before and after-sales support in Melbourne and all of Victoria. We’re committed to ensuring our clients have everything they need for a smooth laundry operation.


Every successful commercial laundry operation starts with meticulous planning. Benefit from our complimentary planning and design services to create an efficient and effective space made to your needs.


Integrating a new machine into your existing system can be daunting. At Speed Queen Sales, we simplify this with our professional installation services, ensuring your machine is up and running optimally from day one.


Our commitment doesn’t end after the purchase. With a comprehensive range of spare parts for all models and a reliable, economical repair service, we guarantee longevity for your investment. Moreover, our machines are backed by industry-leading warranties, offering peace of mind with every wash.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Consider the washing machine’s capacity, energy efficiency, type of operation (coin, card, or manual), and the available warranty and service options.

A coin-operated machine requires users to insert the designated amount of coins before the machine becomes operational, providing an additional revenue stream for business owners.

Yes, commercial washing machines are typically designed for efficiency, handling larger loads and using water and energy more effectively.

While possible, commercial washing machines are designed for high-volume use and may be oversized or not practical for typical home use.

Regular washing machine maintenance every 6-12 months is recommended, though the frequency can depend on the machine’s usage volume.

Speed Queen Sales brings decades of expertise, ensuring each client receives a washing machine that will deliver to their needs, accompanied by exceptional customer service.

Absolutely! Our commercial washing machines have robust warranties, underlining our commitment to quality and customer satisfaction.

Yes, we provide comprehensive washing machine installation services, ensuring your machine operates at peak performance from day one.

Speed Queen Sales is centrally situated in 26 Theobald Street, Thornbury, VIC 3071, poised to serve businesses throughout the region with remarkable expertise.